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Waste Oil Recycling Services

"Waste Motor Oil" can hardly be called such as even after it has run it's service life within your vehicle, it is not an unusable product. Contrary to popular belief, used motor oil can be re-refined into a usable motor oil for further use within vehicles.

Oil is a valuable natural resource that is in limited supply, and therefore it is upon this generation's shoulders to do its utmost to try and conserve, and recycle this commodity and help maintain our supply so that the next generation does not go without.

Furthermore, illegally disposing of used motor oil contaminates our groundwater--which goes without saying is another valuable resource--and that of course is something that affects us all here and now.

Contact Tex-American Recycling today and learn how we can work together to support your company in recycling your used motor oil. Together we can help one another in preserving the Earth for tomorrow's generation.

Used motor oil environmental fact:

The United States generates around 1.3-billion gallons of used motor oil each year out of which has been estimated that approximately 170-million gallons is disposed of improperly--likely contaminating our ground water.

Waste / Used motor oil can be recycled!
Used or waste motor is a recycled, and turned into usable oil products even after being drained from your vehicle.
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