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Tire Transporter Services

At Tex-American, we also closely work with tire transporters as a licensed disposal center. With our many local and regional drop-off locations, we are certain to have a location near you.

Without sacrificing on quality of service, our prices are fiercely competitive--and our ability to get your trucks unloaded promptly and back on the road is unmatched. We understand firsthand that as a tire transporter, time is money, and keeping your trucks rolling is of the utmost importance.

Whether it be a one-time drop-off, or a regularly scheduled event, Tex-American Recycling can service your company now, and well into the future.

Did you know that...

...one scrap tire per person on average is generated by every American each year--meaning that approximately 300-million tires will be discarded in 2010 alone.

We service all tire transporters, and handle any volume.
No matter what volume of tires you may transport, from dozens to thousands and beyond--Tex-American Recycling is able to service you in properly and legally disposing of your tires.
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