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Paper Recycling

As long as paper recycling has been around, and as effecient as it has become you would assume that most paper is now being recycled? Wrong. In the U.S. alone, we disgard the equivalent of 1-billion trees into a landfill each year--and that number is rapidly growing.

It goes without saying that trees are vital part of our eco-system, absorbing the carbon dioxide we exhale, and providing us with the oxygen that we breathe. And forests are disappearing at an alarming rate globally. We should all do our part in reversing this trend by recycling paper today.

At Tex-American, we recycle cardboard, office paper, newspaper, and all other forms of paper.

Contact us, and lets work together to setup a viable and economical paper recycling program for your school, community, or workplace. Together we can make a difference.

Paper Recycling, Newspaper Recycling, and Document Recycling
Any colored paper, newspapers, and cardboard can be recycled by Tex-American Recycling.
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