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Scrap Metal Bin Roll off Container Service

Whatever your salvage and recovery needs may be on or below the ocean and sea, Tex-American Recycling has the expertise and experience to assist you. We have the ability to aid your organization with cargo salvage, wreck removal, harbor salvage, offshore salvage, equipment recovery, mechanical dismanting, and disaster relief services just to name a few.

In underwater operations, we can recover tires, sunken ships, pipeline, and any other item that you need to recycle, dispose of, or salvage. Above the water, we can assist you with towing, dry docking, dismantling, and salvaging of old or wrecked ships--or even the dismantling and scraping of old oil drilling rig platforms. Regardless of your needs, Tex-American can assist you.

Furthermore, we do our utmost to ensure that every item we recover is recycled, re-used, or disposed of in a safe, and environmentally friendly way.

To get details on our marine salvage services, contact us today.

What about tires that have been dumped in bodies of water such as oceans and lakes?

We absolutely can help you with this. With our long time experience in tire recycling & disposal, added with our salvage capabilities and experience--from start to finish, Tex-American has the ability to recover tires no matter where they are--on dry land or at the bottom of the sea.

ocean tire recovery and disposal
Even at the bottom of the ocean--we push the limits of tire recycling. We can recover tires for you wherever they may be.
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