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Land Clearing

Almost every building, agricultural or drill site project begins with land clearing. Often trash, tires, and appliances are dumped illegally on “empty” land and must be removed before that becomes a work site. Sometimes roadways must be created to provide site access and natural obstacles such as trees, stumps, rocks and foliage must be removed or pushed aside. We employ a well-equipped and qualified team to safely and quickly clear land.

We are able to shred organics on site, and relocate, haul away or bury debris when necessary. Since we own our equipment our prices are near the bottom line. Also, long standing experience has made us efficient at using our other operations to support our excavating efforts. We can use clean debris from one job as clean fill on another, and even recycle organics into compost or landscaping mulch.

When we include our popular scrap metal, waste recycling, and scrap tire programs, we often avoid dump fees, reduce fuel costs, and improve hauling time. This means we can pass greater savings on to our customers.

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