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Waste Used Cooking Oil / Kitchen Grease Recycling

Once cooking oil is longer usable to cook food, its usefullness has not run its course. It is able to be recycled and re-used as bio-diesel, and made into other usefull products.

More importantly, by not recycling this material, and instead choosing to improperly dispose of kitchen grease down a drain, you also run the risk of clogging and damaging your plumbing.

Furthermore, once this material makes its way into the public sewage system, it also causes significant damage and clogging that costs taxpayers hundreds of millions annually throughtout the nation.

Not only is recycling the material nearly always free, in most cases you can also be paid for such. Call us today, and let Tex-American Recycling assist you in your cooking oil recycling endeavour.

What can used vegetable cooking oil be made into?

Bio diesel, animal feed, costmetics, lubricants, and many other useful products.

Used Kitchen Grease Recycling & Disposal
Used Kitchen grease or cooking oil is one of the most widely recycled products in the nation due to the ease at which a reusable product can be recovered.
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